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November 24, 2004

This will be a brief summary of the weekend and last nites games.

Norwich - Friday nite - a very difficult start for the Jumbos - we were not in the game right from the beginning as Norwich, #2 in the country, came out flying to grab a 3-0 lead after one - we played pretty in the second period but could not put any pressure on them and trailed by 4 after 2 periods and a final 8-0 - long stretches of play on special teams etc and that does not help.

St. Michaels - Saturday nite - we jumped out to an early 1-0 lead and held that for the period - after a penalty laden second period we trailed 3-2 then tied it up at the start of the 3rd period - the pace is fast as we score, they score 35 seconds later and again 50 seconds later only to have us tie it up 2 minutes later - both teams play well only to have them score with 3 min uses left and that is how it ended - a disappointing league loss.

So. NH - last nite - a non league game against a 3-0 club - a terrible start for us as we go down 0-2 in the first 1:35 - we wake up to score halfway thru the period but immediately take 2 penalties for a 3 on 5 and quickly it is 1-3 - the second period is really sluggish for both teams but we perk up and score 4 times for a 5-3 after 2 -- we start the 3rd period by again giving up a quick goal and then allow a powerplay goal to make it 5-5 - we immediately respond to go ahead 6-5 - we really did not play well during the last ten minutes and it cost us the game with a NH goal at 12:25 on our PP and the winning goal at 14:30 - not much to say here.

next games
30th at UM Dartmouth
3rd at home St Anslems
4th at home NE College

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