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November 19, 2006

We opened the season against #1 ranked Middlebury and they looked every bit the part - the first period was great hockey for the first 14 minutes then penalties put us in a big hole - we came within seconds of killing off a 5 on 3 only to have them score just before we went 5 on 5 - they followed that up with two other quick scores for a 3-0 after one - in the second we played pretty well but gave up back to back goals, 27 seconds, to go down 0-5 about half way thru the period ----- that score held up until well into the third period when we scored on a PP Gimbel from Hertzog and Milo and scored again on a shorthanded effort, Bailey from Kestner - a late pp goal by Middlebury made for the 6-2 loss

On Saturday (I could not go to the game) we lost another 6-2 game to Williams - though outshot soundly in the first two periods we were still in the game but ran out of gas in the third period - we scored on the PP in the first, Murphy from O'Connell and Clark, and led after one - in the second Williams ran off 3 goals at the 4,8 and 15 minute marks but we made it 2-3 with another PP at 19:16, Wilson from Herzog and Gimbel - the third was all Williams as the 6-2 final shows

Both games were loaded with penalties, almost all hooking,holding and interference, like 31 of the 45 penalties plus 7 roughing - just like the NHL they are getting very tight on the stick stuff so we better get used to it

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