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March 1, 2012

We hosted our first ever NESCAC playoff game on Saturday against Williams - this was a 4/5 game - during the season we lost to Williams early at our place and beat them late in the season up at Williamstown so on paper it looked like a tossup game going in ---- and we were right

The first period was strong period of hockey for both teams with us having a little edge in play - we finally scored on the PP at 18:59, Kyle Gallegos from Tyler Voigt and Dylan Plimmer to take a well deserved lead into the second period - very early at 1:15 Evan Story made it 2-0 from Matt Amico and Cody Armstrong and once again both teams are playing well ---- Williams struck for a PP goal at 6:00 but we held the fort until 14:56 when they tied it up and then at 18:13 scored on another PP to go ahead 3-2 ---- with a fresh start in the third period we play better and take advantage of another PP with a goal at 6:43 to tie it up, that goal Gallegos from Jared Barker and Blake Edwards - obviously PPs are a huge part of the contest - both goalies play very well for the rest of the period, no goals are scored, and we head to another OT game - not at all unusual for us - this does not end quickly, each team had a goal disallowed, shots were even and the goalies are keeping both teams in the game - it had to end and unfortunately for the Jumbos Williams stopped the game at 13:47 on a good shot --- in the end a big disappointment for our side but we played very well, could have won it but not in the cards for us - it was the best playoff game we have been part of in recent years and our goal is obviously to take it another step next year - the team was fun to watch, they played hard, were well coached and give every reason to be optimistic about the future

The all league teams were selected and both Kyle Gallegos and Scott Barchard were on the second team having two players recognized is, I think, a first since in our NESCAC competition

For those of you who have inquired about the AG it looks like we will do it in November before our first Saturday home game - should be the Saturday before Thanksgiving when we play Wesleyan or Trinity to open the season

Banquet info will follow Ben

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