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February 23, 2004

An up and down weekend for the Jumbos - on Fri there is not much to say other than we got pounded 11-1 by a Trinity team playing very well after a 2-1 win over Middlebury last week - Trinity will be the second seed in the tourney and it will be an upset if they are not in the finals

On Sat we beat an undermanned Wesleyan team 2-0 - an early goal by Rotondi and a late goal by Cleary gave us the win - in addition Crapser got the shutout - Ben Crapser, Tim Schatz and Pat Byrne played their final home game for the Jumbos and all three will be missed next year

Now for the reason Wesleyan was short handed - 9 of their 12 seniors were suspended by the University for conduct deemed inappropriate - they were ineligible for the final two games and the team was withdrawn from the playoffs - the result of this is that the Jumbos will become the 8th seed and travel to Middlebury next Sat for a 6:30 game against the #1 seed - the team unanimously supported this decision - if you plan to go I am sure the department and/or the coaches need to know your intentions


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