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February 22, 2009

Over to Babson for the final game of the regular season - Babson needs this one to have chance at home ice in their division - as in the Umass game we break out on top early, Resor from Davis and Derosa, to grab the lead at 2:31- once again the ice is tilted toward our goal and Babson keeps the pressure on foe the rest of the period and scoring at 12:38 to tie it up ----- in the second we struggle a bit, cannot sustain much pressure on Babson and eventually this results in another Babson goal mid way through the period for a 2-1 lead after two ---- just where we want them I guess -- the third starts with more of the same, not too many shots and chances by the good guys but no scoring from the Beavers of Babson - as has been our pattern recently the longer we play and stay in a game the better we get - same this time around, play is even up and down the ice when lo and behold we tie it up at 14:48 on some nifty work by Derosa, Cooper and Resor, who gets the goal - it goes this way the rest of the period, our defense is better and we get some more golden opportunities but it ends up 2-2 and into overtime - more good hockey, the whistles are stuck in the refs pockets (they did a good job in this one) when it finally occurs to the Babson coach that they must have this win - he pulls the goalie with almost 2 minutes left - why he did not do this in regulation I have no idea - anyway 5 on 6 does not last long, the puck ends up on Resor's stick with no one between him and their goal, so bingo the game is over and we have beaten Babson for the first time ever --- a very good win for this team that does not quit and seems to overcome injury after injury to key players - on to Amherst next Saturday- no word on game time - since the Anherst Women are also playing Coach Murphy's money is on a 7:00 start

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