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February 21, 2012

Friday night we started the weekend needing 2 wins to guarantee home ice in the playoffs and one win to likely get home ice - we did not help ourselves Friday losing to a very good Bowdoin team 8-2 - lets get on to Saturday against Colby - to end the drama we win 3-2 and do lock up home ice against Williams on Saturday, probably at either 3 or 4:00 ---- in the game we got two goals in the first period, Gallegos from Plimmer and Voigt from Armstrong ---- Colby made a game of it early in the second period but we came back to make it 3-1, Gallegos from Power and Voigt ----- it stayed that way until 19:30 of the third when Colby scored to make it exciting at the end ---- a good game to send us on our way in the playoffs with the #4 seed - the best in the past was the #7 seed a couple of years ago - congratulations to the players and the coaching staff


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