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February 20, 2005

This will be brief - I wrote it once and it did not go through and I am tired of typing

Fri Trinity 18-2-2 - 1st period - Trinity goes up 1-0 early, we tie it up on a PP goal -pretty even period
2nd period - an early disaster - Trinity scores 3 in 35 seconds to go up 4-1 early - we then play them even for the rest of the period
3rd period - another even period -we make it 4-2 early on, thay counter with a PP goal and it ends 5-2 them - we play pretty well, nothing to hang our heads about and we look forward to the playoff game against them this Saturday - Azat played well in goal - scoring was Boudrow and McCarthy from O'Connell twice, Murphy and Thompson

Sat Wesleyan - We start off slowly and it catches up with us at 19:56:4 so we are down 0-1 after one  2nd period - we continue to play poorly - a good effort from McCarthy and Tosto makes it 1-1 - the line of Bailey, O'Connell and Gimbel start to show some spark and Gimbel gets the goal to go ahead only to have Wesleyan tie it up with one minute left in the period
3rd period - we are playing better and the above line puts ahead early only to have Wesleyan tie it up again - the same line comes back to put us head for good at 11:23 and McCarthy from Hurd later on seals up a tough uphill battle for the 5-3 win - that gives us an overall 12-11-1 regular season record and a 5-3-1 NESCAC record -not shabby at all

The playoff game at Trinity on Sat may be at 5 but my guess is anywhere from 5 to 7 for the start - stay tuned
- nice to see Chris Licari at the game along with Jason Burak

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