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February 19, 2011

Up to Vermont to face St. Mike's last night ------- fairly even first period with a little edge to us - we crack the scoring column first on a PP at 5:16 Vitale from Plimmer and Fadden - this holds up right into the second period where we quickly make it a 2-0 game at 1:59 Gallegos from Derosa and Plimmer - we are playing well but let up a PP goalat 6:43 to make it a one goal game again - not to be outdone we regain the 2 goal lead scoring on a 5 on 3 at 8:27 from Gallegos again with Metcalfe getting the assist --- near the end of the period SM narrows the gap to 2 scoring at 17:00 - that is how the period ended - we also had to kill a 4 minute penalty in the period but still outshot SM by a good margin ----- in the third period we gave up a PP goal at 2:20 to make it very interesting - we got that goal back at 6:10 Derosa from Gallegos and Plimmer - that was not enough to slow SM down and we got only 4 shots in the period but the defense and good goaltending by Kolieni held SM off for the remainder of the game and we came away with a well deserved 5-3 win

This afternoon we traveled to Norwich to tackle that team who should win their division and the playoffs -- in the first period though outshot 2 to 1 we played well and stayed right in the game -- we started the scoring at 8:11 Vitale from Pieri and Mellgren - Norwich scored twice, at 12:24 on a PP and at 16:20 - however we came on our PP to tie it up at 17:34 Gallegos from Derosa and Barker ---- in the second period play was more controlled, shots were down at both ends but Norwich came out of it with a PP goal at 11:50 and an even up goal at 14:30 to take a 2 goal lead into the third ---- Norwich scored early, we came back with a goal at 14:40 Sider from Armstrong and Diaco and Norwich closed it out with a late goal for the 6-3 final --- a good effort from the Jumbos a gainst a very strong opponent

All in all a decent weekend to end the season on - there has been no let down in effort in any games this year - the seniors and captains have led well and set a fine example for all the undergraduates


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