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February 13, 2005

As I said last week this was a big weekend for the Jumbos trying to solidify a playoff spot - so here goes

Amherst Fri nite - Amherst trying to get in the top four so a big one for both clubs
1st per - even game for the first 10 minutes - Amherst opens the scoring with a PP goal at 12:14 - play continues up and down and we even it up at 17:34, Cappellano from Gimbel and O'Connell - at 19:57
O'Connell scores a big goal right off the faceoff, from Boudrow and Gimbel - Coach gets some credit here for setting up the faceoff with who he wanted on the ice with about 5 seconds to go
2nd period - fairly early on we go up 3-1 Boudrow from McCarthy and Cappellano the play is even until midway through the period when we start to unravel a bit, taking too many penalties, after two 3 on 5's Amherst gets another PP goal to even it up - that is the way the period ended
3rd period - we still are not playing are best and penalties take another toll at 12:54 for a 3-3 tie - play starts to even off a bit and over time appears to start with about 3 minutes left in regulation - we get a good breakout, McCarthy carries int the OZ, drops a pass for Cleary, it goes off the Amh D right on to Cleary's stick and he hammers it inside the far post - they pull the goalie - it is wild but we win a biggie

Hamilton Sat afternoon - same story here for both teams trying to sew up seedings
1st per - Hamilton dominates the first period and we are lucky that it is only 0--1 at the end of it - this has the makings of a very physical game and we are down to 17 healthy skaters with Herzog and Walsh out, maybe for the rest of the season 2nd per - we play better, get a PP, and tie it up McCarthy from Boudrow at 7:55 - four minutes later we get another PP and go ahead 2-1, Hurd from McCarthy and Gimbel - the pace is now getting frantic, shots are evening up, but Hamilton gets a PP goal with 21 seconds on the clock - that is it - we all need a rest
3rd per - we score a great goal in the 2nd minute of play, Murphy from Cleary and Dalton - for the next 7-8 minutes we struggle, play well defensively, get great goaltending from Kalec, and the score remains 3-2 us - from that point on the hockey is terrific, as physical as I have seen, as fast as I have seen, and the refs put the whistles in their respective pockets - those of you who did not take my advice to see game this weekend (and that is most of you), missed some great hockey - anyway they finally pulled their goalie, we scored an open net goal at 19:49, Murphy from Gimbel - that was it

An incredible home weekend - keep in mind we played 3 freshman on defense, Cappelano, Tosto, and Kestner along with Hayes, Corbett and Thompson ---- a freshman in Goal and 3 freshman up front, O'Connell, Gimbel and Sean Cleary along with Kniaz, Bailey plus the above mentioned scorers - a very good coaching job and great execution of the game plans
Coach Murphy also went into first place in all time wins inching ahead of some old fart, whose name I cannot recall

The playoff picture is as follows: (barring some very weird results next week)
Tufts (this is certain) at Trinity (almost 100%)
some combination of Amherst, Hamilton and Williams at Middlebury, Bowdoin and Colby
all games Sat the 26th at 3/4 --- right now I think it is Ham at Col, Amh at Mid and Wil at Bow but odds are that could change

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