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February 11, 2008

Fri night Trinity - trying to avenge a 7-0 loss in early Jan. up in Plattsburg -1st period Trinity goes up 2-0 on 2 PP goals in the first 10 minutes, not a good sign - we however counter with a PP goal at 17:59 Wilson from O'Connell and Gimbel to make it a 1 goal game going into the second ---- we strike immediately Gimbel from Korchin and O'Connell to tie it up - from this point on it is anybody's game - Trinity goes up 3-2 at 5:22 and we tie it up again at 5:45, O'Connell from Korchin and Gimbel on the PP - for the next 14 minutes the play is up and down and very good hockey - into the third we go and it is more of the same, good scoring chances both ways, our defense and Azat are playing well - it goes right down to the wire and we get bitten by what appeared to me to be some sort of a fluke turnover which resulted in quick score by Trinity at 18:53 - despite 6 on 5 with some good scoring chances Trinity held on and I mean held on for the win, shots were even ---- a very tough loss for the Jumbos at this point in the season

Saturday it is Wesleyan - we get off to a good start with Milo scoring, from Tosto at the 4 minute mark - once again a good period for us, many chances but no more scoring ---- the second period is a little different, Wesleyan is playing better - they go ahead at the 5 minute mark and make our life miserable with a goal at 19:14 to lead after two 2-1 - the third period was again even play, shots again even but we give two goals, one early in the period and one late for the 4-1 final -- a tough weekend - I will say that we have been very competitive against some very good teams the past few weeks but don't have much to show for it - the effort remains there though

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