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February 7, 2011

Right up front not a good weekend - started off on the wrong foot with a delay getting to the game Friday at Wesleyan - for two periods a good game - in the first we got two PP goals and Wes got one - shots were even as we started the second period ------ Wes got another PP goal and added a third goal at 10:08 - we came back with our third PP goal to tie it up again but lost that lead at 16:50 ---- in the third we Wesleyan dominated for the first time and scored twice to make it a 6-3 final ----- Derosa, Gallegos and Davis scored our goals with assists to Diaco (2), Vitale, and Derosa ---- we are missing a few players now and that is not helping down the stretch

At Trinity we really had our worse period of the season - Trinity rolled over us for most of the first period and we never recovered - before we collected ourselves it was an 0-5 game - from that point on it was a decent game game with a final of 8-2 - Gallegos and Armstrong scored and Derosa, Diaco and Barker assisted ---- hopefully some home cooking will help this coming weekend but it won't be easy, it never is

U of NE on Friday at 7:00 followed by So. Maine on Saturday at 4:00 Ben

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