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February 4, 2008

Tough road trip with Hamilton on the tail end (I was not at the games) ---- Amherst Fri nite - one of the better teams in the league battling for home ice in the playoffs - late in the first period Amherst goes up 1-0 for the only score in an even period - in the second we capitalize with two PP goals at 7:24 and 15:52 for the only goals in that period to go up 2-1, scores by Wilson and Hertzog with assists to O'Connell, Mellgren and Walker --- Amherst comes back with two early PP goals of their own to go up 3-2 and that is how it ended - an even game, all PP goals, shots were even and a tough loss on the road - Azat played well in goal

Hamilton is next on Saturday - first period pretty good, 7 penalties but no scoring - three early second period goals put us in a hole from which we do not escape - one goal by the Jumbos, Rosano from Diacco and Hertzog in the second but three more by Hamilton in the third for the 6-1 final - again shots were even but we are having trouble capitalizing on our opportunities

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