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February 1, 2009

Friday night we hosted Amherst one of the top three in the league - Amherst scored first, a shorthanded goal at 6:51 and came back later on in the period to make 2-0 on their PP - in the second period they continued to play well and scored early in the period for a 3-0 lead ---- play started to even out a bit and a goal by Story from Korchin and Diaco cut the lead to 2 - it remained a tough game with both goalies playing very well - no more scoring in the second period and eventually no scoring in the third period though there were numerous opportunities at both ends - overall we played very well but Amherst was better - we worked hard, had chances but it was not to be

On Saturday Hamilton was in for a big game playoff wise ---- in the first period we did not play really good hockey and Hamilton jumped into the lead on a PP at 14:38, that held up for the rest of the period - in the second we tied it up early on, Diaco from Story and Vitale at 1:48 - in spite of many chances both ways the score remained tied for the rest of the period, play was physical but both teams were playing well ---- in the third Hamilton capitalized on a PP turnover to break the tie at 3:54 - we came right back on that PP to tie it up at 4:04 Resor from Amico and Mellgren - play continued to be very even, we were definitely not being outplayed, and momentum seemed to be going our way - that mo was broken up by a Hamilton PP goal at 11:32 - that did not halt our effort but we could not put in that third goal - we eventually pulled our goalie, had several chances but it was not be - a tough loss putting real pressure on us to do well these last three weekends

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