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January 30, 2005

Johnson and Wales - Tues - a very good northeast team -- 1st period we come out strong , getting two goals - PP at 6:45 McCarthy from Boudrow and evenup at 11:21 Murphy from Dalton
2nd period - we go up 3-0 on another pp Boudrow from Bailey at 9:48 - J and W come back strong with back to back goals late in the period to make it 3-2
3rd period -- we score a quickie at 3:06 McCarthy from Boudrow and that is how it ended - close all the way with good goaltending from Ninnemann - defense played well, pp was good etc - shot were pretty even

Southern Maine - Fri - a solid club with the same record as our team - after our big weekend last week we seemed right for a letdown and our worse fears came true in the first period - we ended up on the short side of a 4-1 game - we got a goal at the 12:30 mark, Gimbel from O'Connell and Hurd, but really got stung by 2 SM goals in the last 3 minutes
2nd period - even play - up and down - no scoring
3rd period - again even play which does not help our cause - finally at the 16 minute mark Gimbel scores again, from McCarthy to make it 4-2 and from then on we do everything but score and with an empty net goal the final is 5-2 - not indicative of the closeness of the game but the slow start proved to be fatal

Salem State - Sat - another solid club with a similar record - the first period ended 0-0 -we were outshot 20-9 but frankly the play was pretty even and the pace was very quick
2nd period - with a short bench, due to a penalty and various players a little under the weather flu wise, we are going with three lines - we score early, Cappellano from Walsh and Cleary to take the lead and that holds up till the end of the period when SS ties it up with a minute to go - the pace is still very fast
3rd period - the pace remains frantic - we hang in there, with Kalec holding the fort, for the first 10-12 minutes - SS then starts to dominate but we hang on until 18:09 when they go ahead 2-1 - we again pull the goalie, have some good opportunities, but give up another open net goal for the 3-1 final --- this was a good game to watch, would have been better if we won, but this league is a game by game proposition, and truly anyone can win on any day - we are very much in the hunt for a playoff spot with 6 big games left - DROP BY AND SEE US PLAY IF WE ARE NEAR YOU - hope to see you there

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