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January 24, 2009

Start with Tues night a Conn College - an evenly played game for most part - penalties and shots about the same - we quickly, putting it mildly, fell behind 1-0 13 seconds into the game - that held up until 11:55 of the second when CC made it 2-0 on the PP - history repeated itself in the third period CC going up 3-0 on another PP - we made it 3-1 about halfway thru the third but there was to be no more scoring and we had to settle for a disappointing loss - Derosa scored his seventh of the season from Davis and Barchard

On to the weekend for games with Colby and Bowdoin - The Colby game started off ugly for both teams - Colby went up at 4:07 of the first and that was it for scoring the rest of the period - play was ragged but we got outplayed ------ the second period was just as bad for starters as we went down 2-0 on a Colby PP ----- we got one back at 5:07 Resor from Delorey and Cooper but at this point penalties were the dominating, mostly against us and some marginal to say the least - we are dug out of a hole with a great hustle play by Story scoring a shorthanded goal to tie up the game (Davis assisted) -- this had a deflating effect for the Colby team and we continued to play better though not scoring for the rest of the period ----- in the third period we continued to play better and at 6:56 Cooper, Derosa and Resor combined to put us up 3-2 ---- wide open now but no scoring until we killed off two straight PP's only to give up a goal at 13:32 right after the kills ---- from here on in it is frantic, no scoring and into OT we go -------- almost immediately Colby gets penalized but we cannot do a thing, it goes up, down and sideways but in the end it is a 3-3 tie ------ good but not what we had hoped for

Bowdoin arrives Saturday, another good crowd -- We are only seconds into the game and it looks like it will be a quicker game than last night, both teams look better than the clubs last night -- however Bowdoin starts it off at 3:17 to go up 1-0 ---- they immediately take a penalty and we capitalize seconds later to tie it up 1-1 at 4:03 Davis (3) from Amico and Cooper --- play is up and down, we get pressed in our zone for some extended periods but finally get set up in their zone and Wilson (2) puts one in from the point to put us up 2-1 at 13:03 -- a few penalties later we have the PP only to have Bowdoin score a shorthanded goal to tie it up going into the second - it looks like this will be an 8-7 game ---- in the second Barchard keeps us in the game, there are 11 penalties and Bowdoin breaks the tie at 16:51 - it remains 3-2 them for the rest of the second period and into the third - at some point in this period we start to play better, our speed players look quicker and our passing is getting better - we tie it up at 10:00 Derosa (9) from Resor and Amico after some nice play and continue to hold our, so to speak --- penalties still haunt us but this time we get the SH goal off a face off in their end - now understand this goal came 3 seconds after the puck was dropped, bang bang, Derosa (10) gets the goal and there were two assists to Resor and Cooper - it turns out the mothers of both players are related to the referee (thanks Bill) --- this was at 13:41 --- up and down hockey follows but oops we need a penalty so we go to the box with about 2 1/2 minutes left, we kill that off, Bowdoin pulls the goalie, Cooper scores a open netter and we skate off with a huge 5-3 win --- I would think Barchard in goal would get some weekly NESCAC award this time around, plus there was mucho good hard work as this game wore on

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