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January 19, 2008

Fri nite Skidmore ------- The game starts off well for the Jumbos with a goal at 6:52 Walker from Korchin - for the rest of the period play was even, few whistles or stoppages and into the dressing room in less than 25 minutes ---------- the second period is a different story after some even play the first few minutes - they are all over us and finally put one in at 11:53 to tie it up, the period ends that way but we are fortunate, with a lot of help from Kalec, that it is only 1-1 ------- the third is more of the same for about 5 minutes then things start to even out, but no scoring - good chances at both ends - with 1:30 to go we get the PP advantage and dominate until regulation ends and we head into overtime ------ again we do everything but score for the rest of the PP, they get a 2 on 1 and score at 1:03 into the OT - a tough loss for the team

Sat afternoon Castleton ------ I missed the first period, thought the game was at 4 not 3:30, you would think I knew that - anyway Castleton was ahead 1-0 after one - the second period was an up and down period, a lot of chances at both end, but no scoring, we are kind of in a drought ----- things start to go our way with a quick score at 0:54 following a great rush by Cooper with the rebound stuffed in by Korchin, Walker also got an assist - at 3:20 Hertzog, O'Connell and Gimbel combine for hard earned goal and now it seems that the tide is turning - we are playing much better in all facets of the game - this goes on for 10 minutes until McCarthy breaks up a play at the blue line, goes to the net a deposits a nifty backhand behind the goalie to make it 3-1- we get a penalty with three minutes left, they pull their goalie, Hertzog gets an open net goal with 1 1/2 minutes left and it remained a 4-1 win - a terrific comeback by the entire team particularly following a tough, tough loss last night

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