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January 18, 2009

We thought that this would be the toughest road trip of the season and that proved to be true - The Skidmore game was well played for the most part, Skidmore led 1-0 after one, we tied it up at 1:07 of the second period Melillo from Amico and Mellgren - that only lasted for a minute but we came back at 9:47 to tie it up again Story from Cooper ----- another Skimore tally at 14:24 made it 3-2 them ----- in the third period two Skidmore goalies early and late in the period made it a 5-2 loss --- shots and penalties were even

Off to Castleton on Saturday and this was not a fun day --- we had already lost Lindsey Walker for the season and Phil Clark was injured in the Skidmore game --- early on in this one Myles Neumann and Doug Wilson went down plus Drew Delorey was already out - with 4 of these 5 being defensemen you can see the problem ----- anyway we lost 11-2, nothing much to say, all three goalies played --- oddly enough we went ahead 1-0, Joe Rosano unassisted but that was short lived - our other goal was Story from Cooper

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