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January 18, 2006

Suffolk is the only team we have played every year since I came aboard in 1982 - they were at one time one of our big rivals, in fact I organized a tournament that we had for about 5 years between Suffolk, Tufts, Bentley and Curry - the four teams were pretty evenly matched with Curry a power - we also played them all in the regular season - I think the tourney was the Chowder Cup? anyway on to last night

Bottom line is that senior captain Ken Cleary and Sophomore forward Ross Gimbel led the way to a 10-3 win with 5 points each. Issa Azat in goal was very good 30 shots (1 goal was a penalty shot) ( I was going to put in PS but some of the non intelligencia among our graduates don't seem to know what SH, PP, OT etc means). I know I will get a few comments back right away

We scored at 1:09, went on to lead 3-1 after one, 7-1 after two and the 10-3 final -shots were 48-33, we scored on 6 PP's and generally dominated play - now comes the fun

Off to Bowdoin Fri nite and Colby Sat afternoon followed by games at Hamilton next Fri. and Amherst Sat. afternoon - also in between a game at Johnson and Wales (at Prov. Coll) 7:30 on Tues - perhaps those in the RI area will get to that one

Other scorers in the game were Thompson 2-1, Walsh 0-2, M McCarthy 2-1, O'Connell 0-3, Milo 1-1, G McCarthy 1-1, Tosto 0-1, Dalton 1-0, Clark 0-2

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