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January 18, 2003

Actually No Adams is now Mass College but none of you would recognize that moniker -
I could not get to this game in No. Adams but the report is in the paper - Murph suggested that I go on the web at collegehockeystats but they were one of the very few that were not up with last nites stats anyway I will give you the following telegraphic recreation
The game got off to a fast and furious start but MC scored first 5 minutes in but the Jumbos came right back at 6:21 Bickoff from Hurd and Van Pelt to tie it up - the first period ended 1-1
2ND Period - We started slowly and our poor play in the defensive zone led to a MC goal very early in the period - finally we got it back at 9:33 Sullivan from Byrne (a familiar combo) - once again a letdown towards the end of the period had us closing out the 2nd down 3-2
3RD Period - whatever coach Murphy said to the charges it took us 15 minutes to understand, since at 15:22 we scored the first of two goals in 36 seconds to go up 4-3 - scoring was Carceo from Sullivan and Hurd plus McCarthy from Gardner - it was very exciting to the end when Baker put in an empty netter for the 5-3 final
very good win for the team -this club beat us soundly last year 5-2 and having to take a second road trip in 7 days, plus a trip to Conn, is not easy - now off to Skidmore to play on another 100x200 surface after playing last nite on the smallest rink of the year a 85 x 185 max state rink - talk to you Sun or Mon am Ben

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