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January 15, 2006

Fri night at home against a greatly improved Castleton St. team - I arrived part way through the second period just after CS scored the first goal of the game - for the next several minutes of play I thought I walked into a "beer league" game run by the clowns dressed up as officials, not withstanding the fact that both teams seemed equally inept, perhaps due in some part to the inept "stripes" - anyway all the confusion resulted in a bizarre 1:34 starting at 18:27 when fortunately we were the beneficiaries with three quick goals, 2 - 5on3's and a 5on4 goal put us up 3-1 to end the period - goals were Matt McCarthy, Cleary and Milo with assists to Cleary, McCarthy, Thompson, Greg McCarthy (2) and O'Connell (2)

Thankfully the 3rd period was decent hockey - CS made it 3-2 at 6:29 but Milo and G McCarthy combined for a picture 2 on 1 to put us up 4-2 - CS scored at 19:57 for the 4-3 final - Matt Ninnemann played well in goal - shots were pretty even but penalties were 16 CS and 6 us - an ugly win but a game that was there to lose and we didn't go that route which is a good sign

Sat afternoon Ski comes to town and we always seem to have close games with them - We got off to a nice start with the above mentioned Milo/McCarthy combo scoring at 4:22 - Skidmore quickly tied it up - play was then even though we were badly outshot in the period (20-5) - our defensive zone coverage cost us a bad Skidmore goal at 19:46 to put us down going into the second

Once again we get going fast and score at the 1, 4 and 6 minute mark - freshman D Phil Clark tucks one in from O'Connell, Ross Gimbel scores on a breakaway from Walsh and Bailey and Milo gets the third goal from GM and DeLorey - no scoring for the rest of the period with decent up and down the ice play

The same continues in the third before Skidmore makes it interesting with a PP goal at 8:22 - this continues to the end, they pull the goalie, we score with 3 seconds left MM from O'Connell for the 5-3 final - were outshot 46 to 29 but as I said the play was even throughout the game - James Kalec in goal was solid while some of the freshman are obviously getting the hang of things

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