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January 14, 2004

Conn Col 1/13

1st per - we started off with a bang, a nice goal by Byrne only to let CC score 13 seconds later to tie it 1:24 into the game - Cleary and Delaney combined for another great goal to give us the lead after one.

2nd per - Sullivan scored early to give us a 3-1 lead but I guess we wanted to keep it close as CC tallied a shorthanded goal with a minute to play in the period.

3rd - we again (Sullivan) scored early but CC came right back to make it 4-3 less than a minute into the period - the pace was back and forth until McCarthy and Murphy combined for a goal for a nice 5-3 lead - then we started to get too friendly with the penalty box resulting in a 3 on 5 and a CC score - from that point on it was up and down, Crapser was steady in the net, and we eeked out a much needed win.

We are in good shape health wise and seem to be playing better but as coach Murphy says we still are a work in progress - Fri should be another competitive game with Skidmore at home 7:30.

For those of you on the alumni game list over twenty have already responded so keep up that info to me - also if you are not on that list and want to play (3/13) tell me - we are not dependent on USPS for these events.   Ben

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