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January, 12, 2003

The second semester starts with Middlebury and Williams away, get right into the heat of things MIDDLEBURY Fri nite with a crowd of 1,827 - great atomosphere against a top team - 1ST Period - a very good period for us, up and down, couple of penalties each side but a disappointing end with a PP goal for them at 18:52 2ND Period - again a good start for us, mostly 5 on 5, really up and down on their 100x200 surface - we tie it up after a great effort by Matt McCarthy to set up John Hurd for the score at 13:53 - then our late period woes continue with 2 Midd scores in the last 3 minutes for a 3-1 lead after two 3RD Period - we again start well and make it 3-2 at 5:46 Pat Byrne from Rich Baker only to again falter towards the end of the game for a 6-2 loss - a great effort by the team with alot of positives to focus on - Middlebury was a club that had us 9-0 last year after 2 periods and coasted in - no way this year, the game was not in hand for them until the last 5 minutes

on to Williams a team that is 4-0-1 in the league !ST Period - a quick start for us with a nice PP goal Hurd from Mike Carceo and Sean Sullivan - we continue to play well and go up 2-0 Hurd again from Carceo and John Van Pelt - our late periods woes continue as Wil scores in the last minute to end the first 2-1 2ND Period - another great start for the Jumbos, Sullivan from Sean Hayes to make it 3-1 but we start to run out of gas and get dominated for the next 12 min or so and and suddenly it is a tie game 3-3 - we get a 5 on 3 with 4 min to go and get a nice goal Byrne from Gino Rotondi and Hurd followed, finally, by another goal with 40 seconds left McCarthy from Rotondi and Ken Cleary to make it 5-3 us - the last goal was off some great forechecking by Cleary 3RD Period - we come out again playing very good hockey and and get a score at 2:29 Remy Bickoff from Rotondi and Van Pelt followed by Hurd's hat trick assisted by Carceo and Jack Thompson - Williams scored with 5 minutes left but the game was over and they were spent, as we were - a great win for the Jumbos particularly for asst coach Garrett Nannene, a Williams grad, Senior Captain Mike Carceo (described by Coach Muphy as our warrior leader) and the entire team and coaches - this game was one of the steps we want to take as a team - you all have schedules, get to a game - next three games are away at Conn Col, North Adams and Skidmore then home vs Bowdoin and Colby the 24th and 25th 7:30 and 3

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