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January 11, 2009

Up to Norwich Friday night to face a very good team with a big crowd to boot (1052) - first period we held our own and were pleased to come out of it with a 0-0 game in the works - half way through the second period we get on the board first Zach Diaco from Mike Vitale and Doug Wilson on our PP advantage - we come back 4 minutes later to make it 2-0 Wilson from Tom Derosa and Eric Davis - by the end of the period we maintain that margin and start to get the feeling that we might beat Norwich for the first time in modern times - in the third Norwich really turns it on peppering Scott Barchard in goal, but up until 17:18 he is up to the task when they break the ice to close it to a one goal game - now the clock watching is for real - I will get the agony over with, we hold on for the win - the players and coaches are mentally and physically drained - to beat this team in their barn is quite extraordinary - a great all around effort but the goalie has to be singled out, came up big

The next day it is on to St. Mikes - as one might expect this proved to be a real challenge for us - the roles are switched, we outshoot them but end up losing 4-1 - Davis scored our goal from Matt Amico and Lindsay Walker - we end up with a split on the away weekend, not as we had envisioned it but we need to grab points any way we can get them every weekend

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