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January 10, 2011

Friday night at Babson - good game against a good team - we got off to a slow start and fell behind 2-0 - got badly outshot but played fairly well --- in the second we picked up the pace and tallied early at 1:30 , Cooper from Derosa and Gallegos - we continued to play well only to be victimized by a Babson breakaway on the rebound after Koleini stopped the initial shot - we however retaliated quickly, Gallegos from Pappas and Diaco on a PP to make it 3-2 after two --- in the third we continues to play well but could not tie it up - Babson made it 4-2 at 12:24 and that is how it ended - as is the norm for our games the goalie got pulled, ours obviously, and for 2 minutes neither club scored - a good game and effort but a tough loss

On Saturday we played UMBoston at their place and it was not a fun afternoon - Brian Phillips got his first start and played well for a good part of the game - we stayed in the game for two periods though behind 2-0, then trailed 3-0 early in the third before tallying at 3:08 to close the gap (Gallegos from Vitale and Mitropoulos) - from there on in UMB dominated, we gave the goalie little help, and ended up on the short side of a 7-2 game (Cooper, Gallegos and Derosa got the last one) - a poor performance to end the weekend

Next week we host two of the top clubs in the national standings, Hamilton and Amherst - these two games will be a real test for us but home ice should help - Friday at 7 it is Hamilton and Saturday at 4 Amherst - come to a game

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