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January 10, 2010

The much anticipated 2nd semester is underway - first up was a hungry Babson team eager to avenge last year's first ever loss to the Jumbos - I missed part of the first period after spending part of the afternoon at Fenway Park trying to watch hockey from most any seat in a horrible venue to watch a hockey game - if they ever do it again go to Harvard Stadium or BC or Foxboro where people can see ---- enough of that - I arrived just in time to see us score at 13:08 on a PP Vitale from Davis (back after a long layoff) and Barker - this seemed to be an even period with the shots about the same - in the second period we did not play as well, Barchard in goal held the fort, we got another PP goal at 16:03 after a scrum in front with Davis getting the goal, Cooper and Walker the assists, after the dust settled - that was it for the period ---- into the third we go, we play better and so does Babson, but it remains 2-0 for quite a while - but you know us, we have to make it exciting and we did it in spades - we go to the box with 4 1/2 minutes remaining, Babson pulls the goalie for a 6 on 4 and they bang one in right away to make it a 2-1 game --- not to be outdone again we are hit with a boarding major at 17:38 - naturally Babson again pulls the goalie - the puck stays in our end for what seemed like an eternity but they don't really test Barchard - three icings later we finally hang on for the 2-1 final - nerve wracking

Umass Boston comes to Malden last night and we really seem out of synch during the first period and that results in Umass goal fairly early, we have not much oomph in the offensive zone and do not test the Umass goalie at all - going into the second period we are a little better but are not pitting much pressure on them and the score remains 0-1 going into the third - here we get a break early scoring at 1:15, Vitale from Diaco, on a disputed goal which I will let go at that - from here on in it is a pretty good game, lot of action but no scoring and both goalies re doing well - with about 40 second left we get a faceoff in their end but that quickly turns around with a faceoff in our end with 30 seconds to go - ten seconds later they score and the clock runs out - a tough loss

After a non league game on Tuesday at Johnson and Wales we travel to Hamilton and Amherst next weekend then up to Bowdoin and Colby the next weekend sandwiching in a home game with Suffolk a week from Tuesday

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