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January 8, 2006

Fri nite vs St. Mike

1st period - pretty even period with a little advantage to us - two evenly matched teams - we score first on the PP midway thru the period Milo from Cleary and Walsh but SM comes right back to tie it up - late in the period Tosto takes a pass from Gimbel and looked like a forward scoring late in the period to leave it 2-1 after one

2nd period - we start off very poorly and give SM a quick goal, then another goal shortly after to go behind 2-3 and in the process of unraveling - Kalec keeps us in the game for awhile, then it hits the fan, fortunately with it blowing in the right direction - we go on a tear and score 4 goals the last half of the period and score 2 more in the third for a 8-3 final

O'Connell (3-1) and Cleary (2-2) led the way and not far behind came Tosto (1-2), Cappellano (1-2), Gimbel (1-2), Milo (1-1) and Walsh, M McCarthy and Murphy (John, back this semester) all one point each

we were 4/8 on the PP, 1/7 SH shots 36 - 26 us ----- everyone played well and it was a solid victory against a equally talented team

Sat afternoon Norwich marches into town, one of the top teams in the country as usual

!st period - the pace is fast and furious and we have a tough time getting out of our zone for long stretches - Norwich finally capitalize on the PP and score another shortly later to go ahead 2-0 - we play a little better and break the ice at 16:51 Dalton scoring from O'Connell - period ends 1-2 2nd period - Norwich makes it 3-1 at 0:46 but instead of packing it in we play much better, have a lot of opportunities and make it 3-2 on a 5 on 3 on a great play Milo from Walsh - the play gets very steady both ways but Norwich gets two strong goals in the last 2 minutes for a 5-2 lead after two

3rd period - once again we don't drop in effort - they score 2 more, we get one M McCarthy from O'Connell for the 7-3 final

All in all a weekend of very good hockey - we finally got some production on Fri and getting 3 against Norwich, considering they are 8-0 since Thanksgiving and 55-11 in goals, is not shabby -- also are defense is getting better and our goaltending is a solid 3 deep with Kalec, Ninnemann and Azat

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